July 19, 2021

Vegetables are the perfect way to keep in your freezer as well as for quick storage in the fridge. 

But as we’ve seen with other vegetables, slightly processed vegetables like kale can be even more appealing than the plain varieties. 

A study published in the journal Nature found that people who ate more veg than their vegetarians, who had less time to prepare it and who ate a lot more vegetables were happier, and had better mental health. 

That’s because vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which can help lower the risk of many types of cancers. 

It’s important to remember that vegetable consumption is still limited, so you’re not necessarily guaranteed to have the best health outcomes if you eat a lot of them.

So you might want to look for vegetables that are rich with antioxidants and/or that have a relatively low nutrient density.

And if you want to take advantage of the benefits of having more vegetables, be sure to look into purchasing them online or in stores.