June 13, 2021

Chile will allow the importation of vegetables from Spain in an attempt to curb its food security, Agriculture Minister José María Rodríguez told lawmakers on Thursday.

The move follows a recommendation from the government’s expert commission for the economic development of Chile, which found that Chile needed to act to address its food insecurity.

“We are committed to the creation of an environment where the supply chain of the Chilean market is able to provide an adequate quantity of food to the population,” Rodría told lawmakers, referring to the government initiative to set up a national system for managing imports and exports.

He said that the initiative would allow for the creation “a sustainable food supply chain”.

The Chilean government, however, said that while it would allow the exports of some imported products to Chile, such as fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts, it would not allow imports of imported products that could cause a shortage of food.

Rodría said that some imported vegetables could be used to meet the needs of Chile’s hungry, but also said that Chile was taking the necessary measures to ensure that the import of imported vegetables would not be an issue.

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