July 27, 2021

GARDEN GROVE, N.J. (AP) When 15-year-old Adam Sotelo got sick, his parents took him to the hospital.

He was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

He had to be put on a ventilator and was paralyzed from the waist down.

He returned home, but was diagnosed again.

Then he lost his parents.

“I just had so much faith in him,” said his mother, Nicole Sotelos.

“And I knew he was going to fight for his family.

He knew that if he was still alive he was fighting for his parents and his family.”

Adam Soltelos says his family is resilient and grateful for the support of his parents who took him home after he developed Crohns disease.

They have raised money for Adam’s hospitalization and are donating to help him pay for his medical bills.

“If it wasn’t for my parents, we probably would have died a few years ago,” Sotels said.

“It just shows how resilient they are and how much they love each other.”

Adam’s family is from California and grew up in New Jersey.

Adam and Nicole were both in the military and joined the Navy together.

He graduated in 2018 and got his bachelor’s degree in business administration.

His mother is also a Navy veteran.

They are raising money to help Adam pay his medical costs and are raising funds for a scholarship to help other veterans.

The Sotsels said they are thankful for all the support they’ve received from friends and family.

“My parents are just such a loving family,” Nicole Soltels said of her son.

“They’ve never had a reason to feel like they had to make any sacrifices.

They’ve been like this for so long, and we’re grateful for it.

They really are so supportive of each other.

They’re so kind and they know what they want and they are just so happy that they’ve found the right people.”

Adam is currently working at a construction company, and he’s trying to make a little extra money so he can buy food for his dad, Nicole, who works at a daycare center.

They still live with their parents, who are also retired.

Adam says he’s been getting so many messages of support and encouragement from people on social media and that he’s starting to feel more confident in himself.

“We’re definitely doing better,” Nicole said.

He is planning to get his bachelor of science degree in the fall and hopes to start a career in healthcare, something his family says he has always wanted to do.

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