August 3, 2021

The government has approved the sauteing of vegetables, such as lentils and beans, for cooking, and the vegetables will be sold in India, in a move that may lead to a boom in the food industry.

The government had approved the proposal in November this year.

However, the decision to approve the process is not finalised, with the National Commission for Protection of Food Security (NCPFSS) not yet ready to give its nod.

The NCPFSS is tasked with issuing guidelines on the process, among other issues, and has said it will be ready for its nod by the end of February.

However it is expected to take two to three months to finalise the approval, which could affect the supply chain.

According to a report by the government-appointed Economic Survey Commission, the food chain for the sautéed vegetable industry could take three years.

The process will be different from other food-processing plants, which have been developed for other purposes.

The report said that the sautes would be made with an organic and/or chemical-free material.

This means the process will use no pesticides and will not use a high temperature to cook the vegetables, and there will be no residue.

This process, which has been approved by the Centre for Organic Food Processing, is said to be the most environmentally friendly way of producing the saucy, flavorful sautés.

However the NCPFs report does not specify the source of the vegetable material.

The decision to sell sauteable vegetables in India has been controversial, as it will bring in huge costs to the farmers, as well as the retailers who are required to keep the produce in stock.

In December, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made the announcement that he would sell sautes in India for about Rs. 1,000 a kg, after an earlier price of about Rs 4,000.

The Centre had also set a target of selling 1 lakh tonnes of sauteables annually, but the demand has not yet been met.

In March, a farmer in the district of Chhatarpur, who is the main supplier of sautess, was killed after he was injured in a hit-and-run accident.

In August, the Congress-led government of Maharashtra banned the sale of sautes in the state.

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