August 2, 2021

Veganism is all about the idea that you should eat as much as possible.

In the UK, the majority of the population is vegan, with many opting for meatless meals.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular dishes to help you get started.1.

Veggie soup3.

Non-starchy vegetables4.

Vegetarian dishes5.

Green salads6.

Favourite dishes for vegans7.

Green dishes8.

Vegan-friendly dessert recipes9.

Vegan dishes for toddlers10.

Vegan recipes11.

Vegan foods to make with your kids12.

Vegan desserts and sweets13.

Vegan vegan recipes for kids14.

Vegan ice cream recipes15.

Vegan cake recipes16.

Vegan pizza recipes17.

Vegan pasta recipes18.

Vegan muffins19.

Vegan cookies and cakes20.

Vegan and vegetarian recipes for the holidays21.

Vegan soups and stews22.

Vegan pancakes23.

Vegan quinoa24.

Vegan chili recipes25.

Vegan chicken fingers26.

Vegan salmon salads27.

Vegan sushi recipes28.

Vegan curry recipes29.

Vegan sausages30.

Vegan risotto recipes31.

Vegan tofu recipes32.

Vegan kebabs33.

Vegan nachos34.

Vegan salads35.

Vegan burgers and steak36.

Vegan mac and cheese37.

Vegan fish and chips38.

Vegan hot dogs and french fries39.

Vegan lasagna recipes40.

Vegan burritos and burritoes41.

Vegan wraps42.

Vegan churros43.

Vegan tacos44.

Vegan fried rice45.

Vegan baked goods46.

Vegan pies47.

Vegan chocolate bars48.

Vegan muesli49.

Vegan yogurts50.

Vegan crackers51.

Vegan smoothies52.

Vegan fruit salads53.

Vegan puddings54.

Vegan oatmeal55.

Vegan protein bars56.

Vegan cakes57.

Vegan coffee59.

Vegan sweets60.

Vegan soup61.

Vegan bread62.

Vegan pudding63.

Vegan cheese desserts64.

Vegan sauces65.

Vegan milkshakes66.

Vegan steamed fish and chipotle chicken eggs67.

Vegan steak dinners68.

Vegan buns69.

Vegan tarts70.

Vegan casseroles71.

Vegan sandwiches72.

Vegan marinated chicken sandwiches73.

Vegan seafood cakes74.

Vegan brussel sprouts75.

Vegan corn dogs76.

Vegan meatballs77.

Vegan roast chicken78.

Vegan lentils79.

Vegan rice cakes80.

Vegan roasted sweet potatoes81.

Vegan grilled chicken tacos82.

Vegan beef and tofu tacos83.

Vegan vegetable burgers84.

Vegan potato burgers85.

Vegan tuna tacos86.

Vegan veggie burger burgers87.

Vegan eggplant burgers88.

Vegan burger patties89.

Vegan vegetarian burger pats90.

Vegan bacon burgers91.

Vegan tomato burgers92.

Vegan barbecue burgers93.

Vegan turkey burgers94.

Vegan hamburger pattys95.

Vegan pumpkin burgers96.

Vegan pork chops97.

Vegan smoked ham burger paks98.

Vegan duck burgers99.

Vegan stuffed mushrooms100.

Vegan brownies101.

Vegan cupcakes102.

Vegan pie mixes103.

Vegan birthday cake104.

Vegan pancake mix105.

Vegan cookie mix106.

Vegan cheesecake mix107.

Vegan sandwich mix108.

Vegan tortillas109.

Vegan biscuit mix110.

Vegan peanut butter mix111.

Vegan vanilla cream mix112.

Vegan nutella mix113.

Vegan banana pudding114.

Vegan strawberry cake115.

Vegan blueberry cake116.

Vegan orange cake117.

Vegan lemon cake118.

Vegan blackberry cake119.

Vegan honey cake120.

Vegan peach cake121.

Vegan cinnamon cake122.

Vegan frosted cupcakes123.

Vegan pecan cake124.

Vegan mango cake125.

Vegan ginger cake126.

Vegan raspberry cake127.

Vegan coconut cake128.

Vegan cherry cake129.

Vegan almond cake130.

Vegan apple cake131.

Vegan pineapple cake132.

Vegan golden macaroni cake133.

Vegan sweet potato cake134.

Vegan greek yogurt cake135.

Vegan cream of mushroom soup136.

Vegan ketchup cake137.

Vegan coleslaw cake138.

Vegan white cake139.

Vegan croissant cake140.

Vegan sesame chicken cake141.

Vegan guacamole cakes142.

Vegan fritters143.

Vegan scallops cake144.

Vegan avocado cakes145.

Vegan cashew cream cakes146.

Vegan kale salads147.

Vegan walnuts salads148.

Vegan arugula salad149.

Vegan spicy bologna salad150.

Vegan carrot salad151.

Vegan parsnip salad152.

Vegan green beans salad153.

Vegan cauliflower salad154.

Vegan chickpeas salad155.

Vegan alfalfa salad156.

Vegan basil salad157.

Vegan cabbage salad158.

Vegan spinach salad159.

Vegan mushrooms salad160.

Vegan asparagus salad161.

Vegan collard greens salad162.

Vegan romaine salad163.

Vegan baby spinach salad164.

Vegan spring greens salad165.

Vegan zucchini salad166.

Vegan red bell pepper salad167.

Vegan yellow bell pepper