August 7, 2021

By Chris PriestleyAs Pete’s Dragon fans know, Pete is a dragon-themed Disney movie that is coming to theaters this summer.

While the official title of the film has yet to be released, a poster for the film, titled “Pete” has surfaced on the internet.

It is the first time we have seen a poster of the movie’s title in our collective history.

The poster is titled “The Pestilence of the Dragon” and depicts a creature that has been devouring plants on a giant scale.

The film is being directed by John Singleton and is being produced by the same people who are producing “Pitch Perfect 2.”

The poster has been shared over 2,200 times on social media.

Fans are sharing the poster with their friends and sharing photos of their own creations to add to the pile of art.

The artwork of the poster has become something of a meme.

It is a strange time to be a fan of Pete’s, as the movie has been under a lot of scrutiny recently due to the recent death of one of the main characters.

The movie is currently being pushed by Universal Pictures for release in the fall of 2019.

However, Disney has yet a new Pete’s sequel.

Pete is currently playing at Universal Studios Hollywood, in Florida.

However the release of the new Pete and the Dragon movie is not scheduled until 2018.

Fans can check out the trailer below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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