August 7, 2021

I smoke a lot of e-cigarettes.

They are great for smoking, but they are also the best thing to do when you’re not getting much quality time with a real cigarette.

They can do more than just help you get the hang of smoking.

They help you feel like you’re actually doing something with your life.

I have two friends who quit smoking a lot more than me and I still have to deal with them.

My wife is a very good smoker, but she never seems to stop.

When she gets home from work, she will smoke all day.

That’s because I think she’s trying to smoke like me, too.

I love the taste and aroma of smoke, but I also think I can be a bit too heavy-handed with my use of the device.

So, my advice to smokers who are looking to quit is to try smoking more like me and let your body do the talking.

When I first started using a e-cigarette, I smoked a lot like my mom.

She would smoke a pack of Marlboro Reds a day for a couple of weeks and then quit.

She loved it.

Now, she does it for 30 minutes a day.

My mom smokes twice a day, and she has never quit.

It just makes sense.

I just hope that we don’t stop the trend of smoking for pleasure and convenience.

And while you’re here, if you are looking for more advice on how to quit smoking, check out my column about how to stop smoking.

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