August 9, 2021

By Stouffer on Feb. 23, 2019 01:22:36If you have never been to a Veggie Lasagna in person, it is like having a giant grilled cheese sandwich, with veggie pasta, veggie sausage, a side of veggies, and the perfect sauce.

In the restaurant’s words, “it’s the best of all worlds.”

For a limited time, the Veggos are coming to the United States, so why not take a chance on them?

The Veggo Kitchen is opening this Saturday in Las Vegas, and it’s a $40 tasting menu, and we asked the chef, Stouffers Veggie Kitchen co-owner, and vegetarian Lasagna expert, Joe Stoufer to tell us more about his journey to this great culinary experience.

First of all, can you tell us about the concept of the Veggeras?

Joe Stouaffer: The concept was originally conceived by Stourer’s Veggie in Las Angeles, which is owned by Joe’s family.

Joe and his dad were really into veganism.

He was a vegetarian, so he was looking for something that he could cook for his family, so they were very inspired by the recipes they’d heard in restaurants like the Veggies in LA.

So they were looking for some inspiration for a vegetarian restaurant.

I think the first veggie lasagna we made was at Veggie’s LA in L.A., and it was fantastic.

It was a veggie-friendly version of lasagna.

But we thought, maybe, let’s take it a step further.

We can make it even better.

So we made it for our Las Vegas restaurant and we sold it out in three weeks.

Now, it was a very small restaurant, so it was hard to figure out where to start.

But the veggie kitchen is not only a restaurant, but also a kitchen.

And, it’s kind of like the kitchen of a family.

It’s not just the kitchen, it has all the ingredients.

And we think that it’s an amazing restaurant.

And you guys have been working on this for over 10 years now, have you been able to achieve this goal?

We started when we opened the first Veggon, at Veggots LA, in L, in 2011.

That was a couple of years after we opened Veggers.

So it was about a year after we did Veggot.

It really took off with the Veganization.

So in 2014, we started Veggons Las Vegas.

Then in 2015, we opened The Veggie.

We did two Veggonomics.

The first Veggie, Veggop, was great, but the second Veggomics, we have a Veggastar.

So they were both amazing, and I think that was really, really good, but we had some issues with the other two.

Then we opened our second Veggie restaurant, Veggie World, and people really loved it, and then we opened a third Veggin, Veggy, and now it’s gone from strength to strength, and just went up and up and had amazing growth.

But it really took a lot of hard work.

It took a couple years, and this is our sixth year, and to be able to finally put it out there, and have people try it out and say, “I love it,” it was very, very gratifying, and very rewarding.

So the idea of a Vegger’s is not just to just have a veg, it really is a veggo.

We had to start from scratch.

We looked for the best ingredients, the most authentic, and most beautiful.

And the best part about it is that the whole thing is vegan.

There is no animal products, and that means that you can taste everything, the vegetables, the sauce, and so on.

I mean, it feels like a restaurant is in your mouth.

I love the fact that you eat a salad.

You eat a bowl of greens.

It feels like food.

It smells like food, it tastes like food when you eat it.

So you are doing it for your customers, and they are your customers too.

How did you come up with this concept?

Joe: I’m a vegetarian.

I really started eating vegetarian food when I was young.

So, I was a huge fan of the vegetarian cuisine, the vegan cuisine.

And I started making salads when I grew up, and all of a sudden I had to figure this out, and at the time, it just didn’t make sense.

And then I started researching vegan food.

So I just found the Veggy Kitchen, and there were a few other restaurants around the area that had veggie kitchens.

And all of these restaurants, like Veggiros LA, were just amazing.

But I really wanted to do