August 11, 2021

Kids at my church preschool are often told by the leaders to go home and clean.

At home, they are told to “get the hell out” and stay home.

The children are told it’s time to take their homework and study.

At school, teachers are told they should “be quiet” and be “responsible” for their peers.

I am not surprised that these teachings are taught at a young age, especially if we consider the fact that the average age of entry into the medical profession is 25.

But the message of those messages is often a message of self-sacrifice and a failure to acknowledge or care for the needs of others.

If we truly want to build a more just and caring society, we need to do a better job of recognizing and addressing the challenges that we face as parents.

We need to recognize that we do not live in a utopia; we are in a very real, life-threatening, and often traumatic time in which to live.

We cannot live in this utopia forever.

If the culture of today is to continue to teach the same values and beliefs, then we will all have to learn from the experiences of the past.

If you or anyone you know has a child with developmental delays or has a serious health issue, please share this article.

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