September 10, 2021

A plant brush that grows on top of a tree is the ideal companion for your garden.

The herbaceous brush leaves an edible seed which you can then plant and reap the rewards later. 

The new plant brush from Vegetable Brush has been developed by Dr Jelena Stojic of the National Plant Center of Croatia. 

The product, which will be launched in Croatia later this year, comes with a range of uses, including for landscape decoration, garden gardening and gardening for kids.

“I think it will be a great companion for the garden because it makes gardening easy,” she told BBC News.

“You can plant your garden on top, on a leaf and then plant your fruit on top.”

This is not the first time Stojica has created a plant brush.

Last year, she launched a brush for a tree with a similar appearance.

“We wanted to create a brush that has a nice texture and has a certain shape, because this tree is very hard,” she said. 

“It looks good in the garden, but in the home it would be better to have something that is easy to use and also has a lot of uses.”

Stojic is the co-author of the book Vegan: The Science of Good Food.