September 22, 2021

A few weeks ago, I posted a list of the top 10 dishes to try on the road if you want to recreate a meatless meal for a week.

If you’re in the market for something different and can’t get enough meat, there are plenty of options on the market, but you’ll want to check out this guide to making vegetarian, vegan, and even non-meat-based meals.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this holiday season:Get a big bowl of rice and beans, because these are the two biggest sources of protein in this diet.

I like to make my own because it tastes so good.

If you don’t have rice and/or beans, try to find some that are gluten-free or soy-free.

These will go great with any of these vegan meals. 

If you don.t want to make rice, but still want to get the protein, try this: rice pudding, almond rice, rice pasta, or rice noodles these are also gluten- and dairy-free options, but they’re less filling and will require you to eat more than you normally would for lunch. 

I like to add tofu to my vegetarian rice pudding and add some spinach to the spinach rice noodle dish. 

For a vegan meal, try adding the eggs to the vegetable broth to add a bit of protein.

I usually do this with a little extra virgin olive oil for extra flavor. 

You can also add a little of the beef broth and the chicken broth to the dish if you’d like. 

Get the best quality veggie broth, because it will keep your body fuller longer.

The veggie water I use is made with soy protein and is low in sodium and saturated fat.

I prefer the coconut water, because they’re both low in calories and sodium. 

My favorite vegetarian broth is the soy soy protein broth.

I buy a gallon of it and make my meal in the morning. 

Use your favorite vegetable broth and add a splash of olive oil to it.

It will keep the meat from sticking to the veggies, so you won’t have to worry about it sticking to your rice or veggies. 

To make the vegetable oil, melt some coconut oil in a microwave-safe dish.

Stir in the water. 

Take the noodles out of the package and put them in a blender.

Blend for about 15 seconds. 

Add the beef and tofu and blend again for another 5-10 seconds.

Add the coconut oil and blend for about 10 seconds.

This will make the tofu very creamy. 

Pour in some more soy protein powder and blend until the soy is fully incorporated. 

Transfer the noodles to a bowl, pour the oil, and then sprinkle with salt and pepper. 

Once the noodles are fully coated in the soy protein, add in the broccoli florets and the shredded cheese. 

Mix until everything is smooth and the noodles look plump and golden. 

Remove the noodles from the blender and set aside. 

Place a bowl on a baking sheet and sprinkle the broccoli, shredded cheese, and floret mixture over the noodles. 

Next, place the noodles in a single layer in a large bowl, and cover with a baking dish.

Place the noodles on top of the broccoli layer, and top with the shredded cheeses and the rest of the shredded broccoli. 

The noodles will be quite thick, but will not stick to the broccoli or the broccoli.

Serve with some homemade pasta sauce. 

Desserts with rice: If there’s no meat on your menu, there’s still a lot of food to go around.

If there’s a dish you can’t eat because you can only get a slice of bread and no soup, that’s a good time to try out a salad. 

Instead of the usual white bread, try a bowl of greens.

The best ones are the greens that are not the traditional leafy greens, like spinach, kale, and collards. 

Sprinkle the greens with a bit more salt and a little vinegar to taste. 

Then sprinkle with some roasted red peppers and a sprinkling of chopped fresh basil. 

Try to add as much as you can with your own mixture, as you don-t want too much water.

I use my own blend of red pepper flakes, oregano, and basil, and I mix it in the pot with my regular salad ingredients. 

Make this easy and tasty vegetarian and vegan dish with rice, veggies, and rice noodles.