October 20, 2021

New delivery options like fresh vegetables, fruit and meat are coming to Uber, but the company’s delivery drivers still need a driver to pick them up.

According to Uber’s drivers, they need a third party to pick up the delivery.

But it’s not all bad news for drivers, as some have said they are looking to raise money to start a business. 

New drivers who have already made the leap to Uber are being asked to sign up for a new contract with Uber.

According for example to one driver, his previous contract was for three months, and he was offered the chance to extend it to six months, but he declined the offer. 

Uber drivers have also received a contract for three weeks of service in a vehicle with Uber drivers.

However, Uber drivers have had to pay the drivers for the entire period of their contract, not just the three weeks.

Drivers said they do not get paid for the period of time they are on the road. 

However, Uber is looking to expand the services to other cities, including Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, New York City and Philadelphia. 

Drivers said they did not get any training, and they were told they were not qualified to work in the city.

They said they were also told they would have to pay $25 for a ride to work.

Uber drivers say the company is offering incentives to drivers who accept their new contracts. 

One of the incentives, drivers said, is the opportunity to receive up to $5,000 for a job with Uber if they do well in their new work. 

For the most part, drivers who accepted the new contracts said they have not received any payments for their time.

Some drivers, however, said they had been promised cash bonuses or other incentives to help them make the transition to Uber.

Uber drivers are also being asked by the company to provide driver-approved documents.

Drivers who accept the new contract will be required to take a driver-related course that covers drivers’ rights, including insurance, vehicle inspection, liability, and vehicle maintenance.

Drivers are also asked to complete a new Uber drivers’ safety certification. 

“We are making great progress, but we have more work to do,” a driver said. 

The driver said Uber drivers were also asked not to use their personal cell phones.

Uber declined to provide details about the new safety certification program.

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