November 30, 2021

You’ve heard the story before.

It’s about a young girl who spends a weekend at her grandparents home, only to find out she is the only one who can shave her beard.

She goes to the spa, and is shocked to discover she can do it all in just five minutes.

The story ends up on YouTube, with a few hundred views, and a new version of the clip has been posted every week since.

“I just want to point out that people have been making videos of me shaving my beard in the shower, shaving my head, shaving all of my hair and hairpieces, shaving and shaving my chest hair,” the video says.

“It’s so ridiculous.

That’s not what I do.”

You can find a video of her doing it at the bottom of this article.

However, a number of people have noticed her reaction, and started to comment on YouTube.

The video has gone viral, garnering more than 3.5 million views.

The comments section is full of people telling the girl how amazing she is.

“She did a great job!

You are the best and she is my hero,” one person writes.

“You are amazing.

I am a real fan of your YouTube channel,” another says.

Many of the comments are in support of the young woman.

“This is just so cool and inspiring and it shows how people like you are amazing,” one comment says.

The clip has also inspired the likes of the famous “fellow man” on Instagram, who has since uploaded a video titled “It is a woman’s life!” to show people how easy it is to shave their own beard.

The man’s wife, however, says she will not watch the video and is not impressed.

“They’re making it so they can have a man who can do the beard,” she said.

“To me, that’s the most absurd thing I’ve seen in a while.”

It is also been noticed by other beard users, with one man posting a video on Facebook, saying that the video was “terrible” and “unacceptable”.

The beard shaver is not the only person to have made the viral leap into YouTube videos.

One man has uploaded videos of him shaving his own beard and his beard’s growth, while another has uploaded one showing him shaving a head.

“What’s that look like?” the man asked his friend, before explaining what he was doing.

“The guy is like, ‘No I’m not shaving my own beard!'” the friend replied.

“But he’s also like, this is the best beard shaving video you’ve ever seen!”

“But you’re the only guy on the internet who can be like, I’m going to shave my own head,” the friend said.

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