July 3, 2021

By Sarah Ahern and Peter FentonThe BBC is reporting that a new UK government scheme to name vegetables after vegetables will start on Monday.

The names are meant to reflect the distinctive colour, taste and texture of the produce.

But the new scheme has already been met with criticism from vegans, who claim that it does not reflect the complexity of the plants themselves.

One user wrote on the website of the Vegan Society, a campaigning group for vegans: ‘The idea that a name is a personal preference is ludicrous.

‘As for the vegans of this country, they need to learn the lesson of their lives, and start to see that ‘veg’ is just a polite way of saying ‘vegan’.’

The name of the plant is the product of the food industry and that is why the word ‘vegar’ is not used.

This is not a problem for veg but for the consumer, who should not have to decide which vegetable to eat and which to avoid.’

Other complaints include that the scheme is a step backwards for vegetarians, with no mention of animals in its description.

Vegetarians and vegans are likely to see the names as an insult, because they have chosen to eat meat, which is considered by many as the healthiest source of food.

The Vegan Society has called for a ban on veg products.

A spokesman for the Vegetarian Society of Great Britain said the name was not offensive but was intended as a reference to the fact that veg can be ‘super healthy’.’

Vegetarian diets are a healthful, natural way of eating.

We believe that we have a long way to go, but the UK is leading the way in this area, and we welcome the initiative,’ the spokesman said.

If you have any comments about this story, please contact the BBC.

Read more about the name ‘veggie salad’ on the BBC website:Vegetables:The BBC says the names of the vegetables are ‘veggy’.

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