July 5, 2021

A Chinese street vendor in Singapore is selling vegetables that can help you lose weight.

The street vendor, who goes by the name Shuo, is known for selling moo (Chinese for chicken) and he has created a recipe for a chicken moo soup that contains vegetable stock and a soy sauce base.

Shuo says he started selling mao chicken soup because he was looking for a healthier alternative to traditional Chinese soup.

He started making it a few years ago but he is now the best selling mau moo in Singapore.

He sells the soup at about 5,000 rupiah (around US$13.90) a kilo and he sells about 500 bottles a month.

The moo sauce, which he says is made from soybeans, rice, mushrooms and other ingredients, is added to the soup to make it more tender.

He says the sauce is also made from tofu.

If you buy the soup from him you will get a soy-based soup, but you can buy a vegetarian version at a higher price.

Shuo said he is offering a 30-day trial for the soup and it has helped him lose 10kgs.

He sells moo- and mao-based moo soups for about 20 rupie (US$1.30) a cup, and moo moo for about 2 rupies a cup.

I have tried it and it tastes good, he said.

In Singapore, moo and mau are popular foods but there is no official moo.

Moo is a noodle dish made from fermented soybeans.

Mau, also known as bean noodles, are more traditional Chinese noodles made from dried beans.

While moo is popular in Singapore, it is not considered a traditional dish because it is prepared with meat and is made with soy sauce.

To find out how to make moo, read our guide.

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